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Clubman Award

This award is given to the person that the committee feel has shown outstanding commitment and contributions to the club over this season.

Nomination - Jack Clark
Nomination - Damo Obrien
Nomination - Cam Wallis
Nomination - Ish Hassan

Winner - Jack Clark

Young Player of the Year

This award is given by the committee to the best U23 player at the club this season

Nomination - Erhan Altunc
Nomination - Scott Hanley
Nomination - Cam Wallis
Nomination - Alex Molloy
Nomination - Ronaldo Bajraktari
Nomination - Ardit Smakaj
Nomination - Joe Cross

Winners - Alex Molloy & Ronaldo Bajraktari

Brackendale Award

This award is given by the committee to the best player this season.

Nomination - Neil Spackman
Nomination - Bradley Doherty

Winner - Bradley Doherty

President’s Award

This award is given by the President, to the club member, player or official, that has deserved it.

Winner - Ish Hassan

Golden Boot Award

This award is given to the player who scores the most goals.

Winner - Jason Doherty

6 North League Champions - 3s Players

1. Sunny Backory (Captain) 
2. Akshay Backory
3. Jason Emmanuel 
4. Marvin Emmanuel 
5. Ali Gunalan (Vice Captain) 
6. Connor Fallon
7. Scott Hanley
8. Jermaine Samuel
9. Ahmet Kaya 
10. Jack Shewell-Cooper 
11. Shaan Tanna 
12. Shay Tanna 
13. Lek Bissendary 
14. Luis Alessandro David Leo 
15. Joe Clegg

7 year SCFC testimonial medals

Matt Wright
Tom Case
Jed Glendinning
Chris Westwood
David Stevenson
Sahil Shah
Paul Kirk
Steve Frazer